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The Mini-CFO 


For entrepreneurs, founders, and small business owners

A monthly, no-contract subscription service that allows small companies with under $500,000 in annual revenue to tap into exclusive Chief Financial Officer expertise and business coaching for a fraction of the cost.

 What is The Mini-CFO?

Traditionally, access to expert-level corporate finance advice was limited to mega corporations and companies that generated millions of dollars in revenue and could afford to pay for a high-powered Chief Financial Officer. In the mid-2000s, financial services firms responded by offering Chief Financial Officer advisory services, also called fractional, virtual, interim, or outsourced CFOs.

These fractional CFO models are typically geared toward companies that generate over 5 million dollars in revenue and could pay high monthly fees – high fees that made fractional CFOs inaccessible to small business owners and start-up companies. 

It’s 2021. Times have changed. MaxPoint Advisors can leverage the power of technology, data, and the valuable experience of dozens of executive-level financial management professionals so that small business can tap into their unique skillsets and start growing.


The Mini-CFO Advisor is a business finance coach and accountability partner, as well as an essential component in analyzing and creating your company's operational and financial strategy. 

Business Discussion
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 Why do you need a Mini-CFO and what are the benefits?

A Mini-CFO business coach and growth expert is the ultimate sparring partner

Being an entrepreneur can be very demanding. While having a team of employees, being the sole leader of a company can be a lonely affair. Some people say that setting up a business is the ultimate mental game, navigating through numerous challenges. Surviving the ups and downs of entrepreneurship requires resilience and mental toughness. Furthermore, as an entrepreneur, you are expected to be an expert on a wide range of topics, such as strategy, fundraising, marketing, human resources, and sales.

A Mini-CFO business coach will help guide your business to thrive.

Business coaching can be a useful tool to address self-imposed limitations and discover blind spots. A business coach can also help you to address bottlenecks, identify levers of success, and meet goals whilst simultaneously holding you accountable to your commitments and vision. At MaxPoint we have rich and firsthand experience with setting up, growing and building businesses. As business coaches, we ask you the right questions that will create a deeper understanding of the business model while at the same time creating awareness around weaknesses and strengths.

Our Mini-CFO Advisors serve as a compass for entrepreneurs, making sure you and the business are heading the right way. 

The Mini-CFO Subscription Options & Pricing:

All subscriptions are non-contractual, month-to-month convenient options for small business to access executive-level finance expertise with a dedicated and experienced CFO Advisor.